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Garden Refuse Removal

Removal and disposal of grass, shrubs and other tree felling associated refuse.

Builder Rubble Removal

Removal and disposal of bricks, excess sand and building material.

General Refuse Removal

Removal and disposal of general waste and rubbish from bins and trash bags.

Fill Your Skip

You can fill your skip with almost any type of waste but please note that additional permits (and therefore fees) may be required in some instances.

The following waste sources are generally accepted:

Garden Waste

Including waste produced by gardening and yard clean ups. Waste materials such as leaves, compost heaps, branches, shrubbery, discarded plants, weeds, roots etc.

Construction Rubble

Also known as builders rubble. Can include materials such as broken bricks, fragmented cement, plaster, sandstone, glass, wood, plastic and similar materials that need discarding after renovations.

Household Waste

Household waste can include general waste that would be disposed of in black bin bags for collection. Sources of household waste can include spring-cleaning, de-cluttering and everyday waste disposal.

Sand, Soil and Stone

Can also be included as builders rubble. Waste generated from landscaping projects, building or renovations. Sand, soil and stone are considered “clean” waste and can be easily disposed of.

Polystyrene and Plastics

Large-scale polystyrene and plastic materials can be removed and disposed of by skip. Waste commonly generated and collected from recycling efforts.

Wood and Metal

General wood and metal materials such as window and door frames, scrap metal and other various renovation related waste can be removed and disposed of by skip.

Don't Fill Your Skip

We offer a service that includes the removal of building and garden rubble and household/garage waste.

However, there are a number of items that constitute a health or environmental hazard and are therefore on our prohibited items list.

These include the following:

Electrical Appliances

Electrical Appliances & Equipment

All e-waste (electrical waste includes fridges, microwave ovens, computers, TV sets, etc.) must be taken to a recycling facility and may not be mixed with other permissible waste in our bins. The above includes fluorescent tubes as these contain mercury which is also considered a highly hazardous substance.
Medical Waste

Medical Waste

Medical waste of any nature must not be disposed of in our skips due to the high risk of infection and or contamination. Anything from used or unused needles to biological waste needs special treatment. Contact the Department of Health for guidance on the proper disposal of medical waste.

Batteries (All Types)

Batteries, even small ones, may not be placed in a skip. Batteries contain harmful metals and chemicals requiring special disposal treatment. Battery recycling boxes may be found at your local supermarket or petrol station, or look up your closest battery recycling centre.


Asbestos is considered extremely hazardous and harmful. The government has introduced strict laws prohibiting asbestos products/materials from being handled or transported by anyone other than an authorised asbestos removal contractor.

Liquids (Paint, Solvents, Oil, Fuel, etc.)

The same goes for paint, solvents, oil and fuels considered chemical compounds.
Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are considered hazardous materials and, as such, may not be dumped on Municipal dumping sites.


Not allowed.


Carcasses – or parts of carcasses – not allowed.

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