Materials Delivery

We deliver the following products in small and bulk loads. Please call us for a quotation.
Sand and Stone Delivery

Sand & Stone

Sand Deliveries: We deliver Phillipi sand, building sand and dry mix.

Stone Deliveries: We deliver a wide variety of stone (all types and sizes), including including decorative stone.



Mushroom compost is a natural product which increases the humus in the soil. This gives a good base for the active growth of microbes which in turn makes organic nutrients available for plants. This leads to healthy plant growth which is less susceptible to pests and diseases. Compost also helps to retain water.
Lawn Dressing

Lawn Dressing / Top Soil

Lawn dressing: helps soil absorb available nutrients, retain water and suppress soil diseases. Lawn dressing can also be used to level out uneven areas of your lawn.

Top Soil is used for filling / leveling an area before planting.



We deliver Bark Mulch, Bark Nuggets and Wood Chips, all of which provide protection from changing weather conditions, prevent wind erosion, discourage the propagation of weeds and can provide a decorative element to your garden.

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